Lend A Helping Hand
Lend A Helping Hand
The Lend A Helping Hand (LAHH) program was created by the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition (BBCC) to provide help to patients in The Town of Babylon, NY undergoing treatment for active breast and gynecological cancers. The focus of LAHH is to provide customized services to the patient to relieve some of the stress and worry a cancer diagnosis and ensuing treatment creates. Transportation to and from cancer- related medical appointments, housecleaning, meal preparation, financial assistance and massage therapy are just a few of the services LAHH offers.


Eligibility in the LAHH program requires a patient to be currently residing anywhere in The Town of Babylon, NY and to have just had surgery or be currently undergoing chemotherapy and or radiation therapy for breast or gynecological cancer. Patients receiving only hormone therapy (Tamoxifen, Femara, etc.) are not eligible. Patients are expected to utilize other sources of support and services and not rely solely on the LAHH program for assistance. LAHH volunteers will be happy to help patient’s access alternative support systems.


There are no income guidelines that apply to LAHH eligibility. However, as all LAHH funds are secured through grants and fundraising, the BBCC has a responsibility to administer the program money in a fiscally sound manner. Therefore, the BBCC reserves the right to decline offering some services if the money can be better utilized in other ways or if it is determined the patient has other avenues of support and assistance.

In order for the BBCC to provide LAHH services, the attached application must be completed in its entirety. Please understand the BBCC will be contacting your physician to confirm that you are in active treatment.


Upon receipt of your completed application and confirmation of your diagnosis and treatment protocol, a LAHH volunteer will contact you to discuss the specifics of your application and how the BBCC may help you. If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact the Coalition at 631-893-4110.


Best wishes,

Karen Kunkel


Volunteer President

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